Centraal station

Public transport in The Hague

With multiple forms of public transport, getting around The Hague is easy and convenient. There are over 30 tram lines, more than 60 bus lines, and several train stations that will connect you to the rest of the Netherlands. The city’s public transport system offers frequent connections from the early mornings to late evenings. The 9292 OV platform, a door-to-door journey planner, provides a customised, real-time itinerary. Learn more about how to navigate the many ways you can travel in and around The Hague.

The OV-Chipkaart 

Though it’s possible to buy individual tickets when travelling by public transport, the best thing is to get a travel card, the OV-chipkaart. This card is available as an anonymous or a personalised card.

Anonymous public transport cards (anonieme OV-chipkaart) can be purchased at stations, newsagents, or service counters and don’t require you to share any personal details. 

Personalised cards are ideal if you use public transportation frequently. They can be ordered online and require a photo and a Dutch bank account. These cards can be used for:

  • Adding personal travel products such as a monthly pass, season ticket, or bus pass.
  • Applicable age discounts when you travel on credit. You will not need to do anything for this discount to be applied.
  • Automatic reload so that you always have sufficient credit on your card.
  • Viewing and printing your travel details online through My OV-chip, a personal online public transport account.

Another advantage is that if your card is lost or stolen, you can have it blocked to prevent misuse.

These cards can be loaded at loading devices conveniently located at many stations and shops. You can also pre-order your credit online to be picked up at your nearest loading device. If you have a personalised card, you can also set it to reload automatically with each use.

Travelling by Bus, Tram, or Metro

HTM is the principle operator of the bus, tram, and metro (the RandstadRail) in The Hague, and Arriva and Connexxion also operate within the region. Public transport is an economical way to travel to busy hotspots, as parking can be quite expensive. With 12 tram lines and over 100 bus routes (including ten night buses), public transport is the ideal way to travel around The Hague at any time of day.

Make sure your OV card is loaded with the required minimum amount before travelling and be sure to touch your card to the readers at the beginning and end of each journey (‘check in’ and ‘check out’).

Plan your journeys with the 9292 OV app.

Travelling by Train

Painted with bright blue and yellow colours, the NS (Nederlandse Spoorwegen – Dutch Railways) is the Dutch railway company. With a network of trains stretched across the country, travelling by rail is a great way to get around the Netherlands. Featuring first-class and second-class carriages, the trains are comfortable, clean, and generally on time. There is also a night train that stops at Den Haag HS (Hollands Spoor) station.

If you’re using your OV card to travel by train, you must have a minimum of €20 on your card (€10 if you have a discount from season tickets) in order to check in. If you switch to a local train line at any point in your journey, you will have to check out at an NS checkpoint and check in again on the local line.

With your OV card, you are automatically paying for a second-class ticket. Upgrade to first class at an NS ticket machine by selecting “change class” and choosing “first class today”.

If you’re a frequent traveller, consider a season ticket, which can be loaded on to your personal card and allows you to travel at a discount.


Getting around The Hague and the Netherlands is also possible by bike and by taxi. If you’re looking to travel further ahead, check out this page on airports in the Netherlands.