Daily life

Daily life

As a new citizen of The Hague region, you will probably do day-to-day things differently than you did before. Before you start settling in, you might want to know what is ahead of you. Think of buying groceries, throwing away your garbage or having a pet. 


Discover the Netherlands and The Hague

Dutch weather

The Dutch have more words for bad weather than you have fingers and toes. Grab your umbrella and learn everything you need to know about the Dutch climate.

Dutch politics

The Dutch political system explained. Read about how politics works in the Netherlands, from the constitutional monarchy to political parties and voting.

Nature in The Hague

With its abundance of parks and beautiful seaside, The Hague is one of the greenest cities in the Netherlands. Learn more about parks and nature in The Hague.

Royal region

The Hague and the royal family The history of the Kingdom of the Netherlands begins in The Hague. It was...

Culture in The Hague

The Hague is a culturally rich city with many museums, galleries, theatres, and festivals to explore. Read more to discover all The Hague has to offer.