Cycling The Hague

Getting around

With an excellent public transport system, getting around The Hague is as simple as hopping on a tram (or a bus or metro). There are a variety of ticket options, from an hour-long pass to the OV chipkaart, and travelling by public transport is a reliable and easy way of getting from A to B. Or opt for the most popular way to travel and start cycling. With its flat terrain and excellent cycle path network, cycling is a common mode of transport in the Netherlands, both for commuting and for leisure. Cycling from one end of The Hague to the other takes about 45 minutes for an average cyclist.

Driving is also an option if you have the right permits and documents. In general, driving in The Hague is considered accessible and easy. And there are also excellent incentives in place should you decide to purchase or rent an electric car. However, many areas require paid parking. So it’s a good idea to consider your options before starting your journey. 

The Hague has various car rental services, but there are also more sustainable ways to drive in The Hague. Car-sharing schemes such as Greenwheels, a subscription-based car-sharing service, make commuting in and around the city easy. You can use Greenwheels with your OV chipkaart.  

Want to travel further afield? Two major airports, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Rotterdam/The Hague, are easily accessible and operate international and domestic flights every day.

Wherever you want to go, however you want to get there, we have the resources you need to choose your mode of transport. 

Getting around in The Hague region


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