New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve fireworks in The Hague


The new year is approaching! Just a few more days and we will enter 2024, leaving 2023 behind. In The Netherlands, this transition is accompanied by loud and beautiful displays of fireworks! Whether you just love to watch a great fireworks show or like to launch some yourself: we have collected tips on how to celebrate a great and safe New Year's Eve in The Hague!

Directions and parking

A large fireworks show will take place on 31 December at the Hofvijver in the City Centre. The municipality expects many visitors, so getting around might feel crowded. The city centre of The Hague can be reached quickly and easily by bike and public transport. Various trams and buses depart from Centraal Station and Station Hollands Spoor. On Sunday 31 December, public transport stops between 20:00 and 21:00, and will operate again on Monday 1 January around 09:00. More information can be found on Kerstvakantie 2023 - HTM.

If you come by car, several parking garages are available at Museumkwartier, CS-New Babylon, Muzenplein and Grote Marktstraat, do note that these might have adapted opening hours on 31 December and 1 January. Make sure to keep you car in a safe parking spot due to the fireworks. You can visit Veilig parkeren tijdens de jaarwisseling - Den Haag for more information.  

New Year’s Eve fireworks and events in The Hague (free and public)

Fireworks Show at Hofvijver  

Bonfire in Scheveningen

New Year's Dive in Scheveningen

More information on events in The Hague around New Year's Eve can be found on:

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Using fireworks yourself 

Fireworks are quite popular in the Netherlands during New Year's Eve. Everyone can buy their own fireworks on 28, 29 and 30 December from certified distributors, who know legal and saftey requirements. The minimum age to buy fireworks depends on the type, and should be clearly indicated on the packages. Launching fireworks is only allowed from 18:00 on 31 December, until 2:00 on 1 January. To make this festive evening as safe as possible for everyone, several rules and regulations have been put into place. Keep others in mind!  


Although using fireworks is legal, it can be dangerous! There are injuries every year and hosptials tend to get quite busy because of saftey issues. Therefore, stick to these basic saftey rules: 

  • Store the fireworks in a dry and cool place; 

  • Choose a suitable spot to launch your fireworks, away from green areas and houses;  

  • Check the age restrictions and instructions;  

  • Never carry fireworks in your pockets;  

  • Take note of the direction the wind is blowing;

  • Keep at least 8 to 15 metres distance after lighting  and keep people passing by in mind;

  • Never relight duds/Do not attempt a second lighting if your fireworks did not go off;  

  • Keep an extinguishing agent ready, such as buckets filled with water or foam extinguishers;  

  • Do not wear flammable clothing or hoods;  

  • Never experiment by bundling fireworks;

  • Wear safety glasses;  

  • Keep pets indoors; 

  • Keep away from children. 

Fireworks ban 

Note that there are certain areas that ban fireworks entirely. These areas include the city centre and the vicinities of hospitals, animal shelters and city farms. Refer to Plekken met een vuurwerkverbod - Den Haag for more information about the fireworks ban, and to what areas in The Hague region it applies. 

Do's and don'ts

  • Wear safety goggles; 

  • Wear safe clothes; 

  • Keep water or other fire extinguishers nearby; 

  • Call 112 in case of emergencies or when in need of immediate aid; 

  • Don't use fireworks near hospitals or refugee centres; 

  • Don't use fireworks near children; 

  • Don't use fireworks near pets, farms, petting zoos or animal shelters; 

  • Don't use fireworks in parks or nature.  

Report fireworks nuisance, damage and vandalism during New Year’s

Nuisance caused by fireworks during New Year’s can be reported in different ways:

  • Call 112 if you have witnessed vandalism or in case of an emergency;
  • Report it on the website if there is damage to things in the public space.

The municipality will try to get compensation for any damage caused by fireworks from the offenders. The police welcome tips from alert residents in order to arrest any offenders.

More information

Visit The Hague municipality's website for more information on regulations and for tips.