Studying in The Hague Region

Globally renowned as a centre for the human-rights-based system, legal scholarship, and governance, The Hague is fast becoming a renowned metropolitan student city with plenty of options for students.

Study in The Hague region

The Hague is globally renowned for its role in the international legal and human-rights-based system, and it’s the centre of political power in the Netherlands, as well as home to a large number of international companies. Naturally, this provides a stimulating environment to study, and the city’s higher education institutions are highly renowned. From The Hague University of Applied Sciences through Leiden University’s faculty of governance and global issues to the University of the Arts The Hague (which includes one of Europe’s oldest art academies as well as a royal music conservatory), there's plenty of choice.

Student housing

Your search for student housing in The Hague starts here. Find helpful resources, websites, tips for arranging accommodation, and how to seek tenancy advice.

Universities in The Hague region

International students can choose from a wide range of educational institutions in The Hague region. Check out top ranked Dutch universities.

Financing your studies

Find out how you can finance your studies. Read about student grants, student loans, scholarship opportunities, and the cost of living and studying in the Hague.

Find an internship

There are many opportunities for internships and traineeships in the Netherlands. Discover how to find one within your field of study.

Discover student city The Hague

In the student city The Hague you can learn and live. With more than 30,000 other Dutch and international students, this is the perfect place to lay the foundations for your future. Find out more about studying in The Hague.
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