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Coronavirus Press Conference: re-opening of ‘horeca’ and culture sector until 22:00


On Tuesday, January 25, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Health Minister Ernst Kuipers took to the stage to announce changes to Coronavirus regulations in the Netherlands. All changes will come into effect from January 26.

The biggest headline is that restaurants, cafés, and bars may re-open until 22:00. Cinemas, theatres, museums; and galleries may also re-open until this time. The general public may also attend sports events again. Access will only be granted, however, to those with an ‘entry pass’ via the CoronaCheck App. At the moment, this is a QR code confirming that someone is either vaccinated, has recovered from the Coronavirus, or has had a recent negative test.

Larger scale events may also take place again, however with limitations on capacity. Indoor events may have a maximum of 1,250 people (all with individual seats), whilst outdoor events can have one-third of their usual capacity.

Supermarkets may also open until 22:00 again, however nightclubs will remain shut for the time being.

Quarantine rule changes

The Outbreak Management Team has also given advice to the Dutch government to change quarantine rules for children. Children up to the age of 12 no longer need to quarantine if they have come in contact with someone infected with the Coronavirus. If children have any symptoms then they must stay home from school. Older children (up to age 18) may attend school and sports practice if they have a negative self-test.

For the full rule-changes, check the Dutch government’s website.