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New in The Hague webinars - first webinar February 7! 


At The Hague International Centre, our goal is to help as many people feel at home in The Hague region as possible. To support this, we will now be holding monthly webinars, detailing the steps you need to take to make your move to The Hague region go smoothly.

Our first webinar will take place on February 7, 17:30-18:30. 

The webinars will be held twice-monthly, and presented by one of our expert team members.

Subjects will include essential government formalities, finding a new home, finding the right (international) school; taxes, healthcare and insurance, and much more! 

The webinars will have two timeslots: the second Monday of the month in the evening (17:30-18:30), and the third Wednesday of the month in the morning (11:00-12:00). We hope that these timeslots will make it easier for people to join in who have not yet made their move to the Netherlands. 

To sign up for the first Welcome Webinar on February 7, just click here.