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Tax information for the New Year (2022)


With the changing of the year, it’s time to start thinking about taxes! It's perhaps not everyone's favourite subject, but taxes are an important piece of admin for anyone living in the Netherlands. Taxes come in two forms: local and national.  

You are likely to receive your local tax bill in the month of January, which will include charges for (not all Gemeentes charge all of these taxes): water purification, water infrastructure maintenance, a household rubbish charge; and possibly a city dog tax. 

From the start of January, you can also submit your own personal tax return. This can be done via the Belastingdienst website- but if it's your first Dutch tax return you are likely to receive a physical paper ‘M form’ in the post.  

For more information about what taxes you need to pay, head to our website. And, if you'd like professional advice, or for someone to complete your taxes for you, check out our wide range of service partners.