Tweede Kamer

The 2023 General Elections in the Netherlands


On November 22, 2023, general elections will be held in the Netherlands to select a new parliament for the country. Although internationals without Dutch citizenship are ineligible to vote, it is still good to be aware of what the elections mean for the international community. 

The election was originally scheduled for 2025, but it was called early when the fourth Rutte coalition government fell apart in July 2023. Following this month's elections, the Netherlands' longest-serving prime leader is resigning from office after 13 years, vacating his office in The Hague.  

Considering the current state of affairs, a wide range of political parties have diverse concerns they wish to address. These include the housing crisis, cost of living, climate, and migration. You can read more in English on the political parties and their views on DutchNews and IamExpat.


How does the system work?  

The Netherlands has a multi-party system without an electoral threshold, meaning that there are a lot of different groups to choose from. The Dutch ‘Tweede Kamer’, its house of representatives or 'Second Chamber’, has 150 members and 76 seats are required for a coalition government to hold a majority. With the proportional representation system, coalition governments have ruled the country for more than a century as no party has ever been able to get a majority. It is anticipated that following a period of talks between the party leaders, a coalition of political parties will emerge. 


Who is eligible to vote? 

Voting in the national elections requires Dutch citizenship and the age of eighteen or older. A polling card is sent by post to eligible voters at least 14 days before the election. A valid ID is also required while casting a ballot. 


Exit polls on November 22 will indicate the outcome of the election. It may take some months to form a coalition government with a new policy agreement. Make sure to keep an eye out for the news in the coming weeks and months!  


For more information about the parties: The big expat guide to the 2023 Dutch elections: All you need to know ( and