Student registration

Student Registrations in The Hague


Welcome to The Hague!   


February is the start of a new school semester and universities in The Hague region will be welcoming new international students. Before the courses begin, it is important as a student to take care of all the necessary formalities, such as municipal registration.  


New international students have to make an appointment for municipal registration. The first appointments are possible from 5 February onwards at City district Office Segbroek and you can already make an appointment here. The district office is located inside the police station and next to Albert Heijn supermarket. You can follow the student banners to desk 9 and 10.   


Registration is mandatory. International students who will be staying in The Hague for longer than 4 months are required to be registered in the Personal Records Database (BRP). The students will then get a citizen service number (BSN) which is necessary to purchase health insurance and to open a bank account. 



From 5 February 2024 onwards. 


City district office Segbroek: Fahrenheitstraat 190 (Google Maps). 


What to bring to the registration? 

  • Valid identification (passport or, if you are an EU citizen, your national identity card)  
  • Hard copy (printed) proof of occupancy: rental/tenancy agreement, home purchase deed or a signed statement by the main occupant of the house. Please use the statement on the website. Please bring a hard copy of the ID of the main occupant of the house and a hard copy of the rental/tenancy agreement or purchase deed of the house  
  • Residence permit or letter of approval from the IND (if applicable)  


If you have any questions, please let us know via  


Please note 

In order to make an appointment, your personal data will be processed and recorded in the registration system of The Hague International Centre, part of the Municipality of The Hague. Your data will not be transferred to third parties. The Municipality of The Hague processes and protects your personal data as described in the Data Protection Declaration.  


If you are unsure about which service you require, read more about municipal registration, IND permits, and our services.