TBC check The Hague region

Tuberculosis check


Taking your test at GGD Haaglanden

When filing for a residence permit, you may need to get tested for tuberculosis (TB or TBC). If you are not able to present the results when you file your application, you can submit a declaration of intent to the IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Service). In The Hague region, the Municipal Health Services (GGD Haaglanden) will provide you with this declaration. When your permit is approved, you must undergo a tuberculosis test within the first three months of your stay in the Netherlands.

Call the Municipal Health Services (GGD Haaglanden) at +31 (0)70 353 71 69 to schedule your test.

GGD Haaglanden (main office)
Westeinde 128, 2512 HE Den Haag
Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 - 17:00 hours

Bring your Tuberculosis Examination Referral Form to your appointment; this form is attached to your residence permit application. The GGD will forward the form, completed in full and signed, to the IND.

What is tuberculosis?

Tuberculosis is an infectious disease that is caused by bacteria. TB bacteria can only be seen under a microscope. The examination involves an X-ray of the lungs, which is the part of body usually most affected by the bacteria. TB is a disease that develops slowly. So after the first examination you may be asked back for more examinations. It is very important to go to these follow-up examinations. If you do have TB, you will be able to receive treatment here in the Netherlands. You will not have to leave the country.

Some symptoms of TB include: an ongoing cough, a fever, tiredness, and night sweats. It is possible to have TB and not show any symptoms. Therefore, taking an examination is really important. People with open (= infectious) TB can infect other people, for instance by coughing or sneezing. Coughing brings the bacteria from the lungs to outside the body. By breathing in the bacteria, people can get infected. It is important for everyone around you that you have an examination, as you can infect other people without realising it.

Tuberculosis test


Both men and women need to be bare-chested for the TB X-ray. Please be aware that you will have to remove all layers of clothing from your upper body. You are allowed to cover your upper body walking to the X-ray device. 

The equipment used in the Netherlands is modern and a lung-X-ray is not dangerous. The amount of radiation from a lung X-ray is minimal. Pregnant women can also have the X-ray done, but should inform the person taking the X-ray about her pregnancy.


The TB test is free. If a deviation is found during the TB test, there will be follow-up test. You do need to pay for this follow-up test.

Please note that if you want to take a TB test without referral by the IND (for example if an foreign institution asks for it), you will have to pay for it yourself.


It is important to know that even if the test shows that you have TB, this will not have any consequences for you residence permit. The GGD will only notify the IND of you taking the test, not the results of the test. 


You don’t have to go undergo the test if you fit into one of the following categories:

  • You are a national of one of the countries on the following list.
  • You have an indefinite residence permit in an EEA Member State.
  • You have an indefinite residence permit in an EU Member State or Switzerland.
  • You have an EC residence permit for long-term residents issued by another EU Member State, or if you are a family member of someone who holds this document and you have already been admitted to another EU Member State as a family member of a long-term resident.