Social life

Social life

Moving to a new country is exciting but it can sometimes be difficult to make friends and build a support network. Luckily, there are many ways you can meet other people in The Hague region. Maybe you want to find people with a similar cultural or religious background, or perhaps you make friends best by playing sports or at entertainment events. Whatever your preference, you can find your people here.

A Global City 

At first, Dutch customs might seem unfamiliar. However, you'll soon find opportunities to meet your neighbours and get to know Dutch culture. It helps to learn some Dutch, but most people speak English too. This makes it even easier to meet and connect with locals.  

The Hague is also a very international city, so you will find it easy to meet other people from different countries. You'll soon find many others who understand what it's like to arrive in the Netherlands and who will make you feel even more at home.

Interests and Activities

There are many ways you might meet locals or internationals. Work, volunteering, or school might be easy places to meet other people naturally. However, there are thousands of other ways you can try to find people with similar interests. Are you interested in sports? Join a club or one of many sports associations. Find people with similar religious beliefs at a place of worship, or join a group or community of people with your interests or cultural background. Attend one of many local events with your new friends, or go there to make more!