Apartments in The Hague Centre

Short-stay housing

Many internationals moving to The Hague opt for short-stay accommodation before moving into a more permanent residence. There are various accommodation providers to choose from. It’s a convenient way to set up a base in the Netherlands while discovering the neighbourhoods and surrounding areas. Short-stay is a type of rental contract that allows you to book for a specific period of time, offering greater flexibility than a typical longer-term tenancy agreement. It also is comparatively expensive and often paid for by employers.

The benefits of a short-term lease 

Short-stay housing is generally considered to mean a property that’s rented for less than one year. In most cases, short-stay properties are rented fully furnished with an ‘inclusive’ rental price, which covers utility costs and local taxes. This often appeals to international residents who want the convenience of getting set up with basic furniture and utilities already taken care of. They’re a popular option in the Netherlands, and in recent years, short-stay complexes have even been designed for students, such as The Social Hub. 

Short-stay apartments are also a flexible option. Many allow you to book for a specific period (such as a mid-month start), include a break clause, and offer the option to extend a booking as your plans change. 

Costs of short-stay accommodation

Short-stay and serviced apartments are more affordable than hotels and vacation rentals such as Airbnb. Another important benefit is that in most cases, you can register at the address of the apartment. This is needed for applying for your BSN number (required for starting a job, opening a bank account and accessing municipal services). And once you’ve registered, you no longer need to pay tourist taxes. Note that rates for short-stay accommodation are usually calculated per night. Expect to pay around €120 per night for a studio, and more for larger spaces.

Once you’ve settled in The Hague, you might consider renting a property or buying a home. Find out about all your housing options, and things to consider when searching for a place to live. To begin your search, learn about life in The Hague’s neighbourhoods and explore nearby cities

Short Stay Accomodation