moving and furtniture

Moving and furniture

Once you have found a new place to live in The Hague region, you will likely still need to do some organising and decorating to truly feel at home. Some rental accommodation includes furniture, particularly short-stay or expat rentals. But many others are unfurnished, and if you have bought your own property, you will, of course, need furniture too. Find out about international removals for bringing your furniture from abroad, and get some tips about buying and delivering furniture in the area.

Moving Your Furniture to The Hague 

If you are planning to bring your own furniture to your new home, there are a variety of moving companies for this, including some that are specialised in international or expat removals. Services usually range from basic transport to full-service options that include packing and unpacking. 

Otherwise, you can also hire a van and move things yourself. As well as traditional rental companies, there are many car-sharing apps and services, which may allow you to rent more cheaply and/or flexibly.

If you are moving from a non-EU country, including the UK, do remember that there are customs requirements – you are usually permitted to bring personal belongings, but you will need to provide the required paperwork.

Buying and Delivering Furniture

There are many places to buy new furniture in The Hague and online. The biggest furniture shop is IKEA, near Delft, but there are many smaller shops too, in all price ranges. Most online stores can also deliver to your new home, though this may be more expensive for larger items. Usually, you can choose a specific time for this, so you will be home when they arrive. Some companies may even help install or assemble things for you.

Buy Everything in One Place

One way of saving time is to visit a woonboulevard or furniture mall. These centres feature dozens of shops for interiors, furniture, and household appliances all in one place. You could rent a van and get everything you need in one visit. The Hague region is home to one of Europe’s biggest of these: Megastores. For hardware, DIY, and decorating supplies, seek out a local  bouwmarkt – some of the best-known chains are Praxis, Gamma, and Hornbach.

Affordable and Second-hand Furniture

To save money, another option is to buy used furniture. The Netherlands has a great tradition of second-hand and thrift shops, called kringloopwinkels, where you can find used furniture at low prices. They also sell many other household items such as tableware, lamps, and interior accessories, as well as clothes. 

In addition, look online to find many good deals on used items in your neighbourhood. See what people in your community are selling on the online platform Marktplaats, or search for listings on social media. If you can’t drive to collect an item yourself, it’s possible to use a pick-up service such as Brenger.

If you still need to find a home for your furniture, you can find more information about housing, including renting, buying, and short-stay housing. Once you’ve settled in, learn more about daily life in the Netherlands: for example shopping, social life, or doing sports.

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