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National insurance


National insurance (volksverzekeringen) is required for all those living in the Netherlands and covers social benefits. As privileged person you may be exempt from the national insurance system.  The SVB is the organisation that implements national insurance schemes in the Netherlands. There are four national insurance schemes: child benefit (AKW), old age pension (AOW), survivor benefit (Anw) and the Long-term Care Act (Wlz).

Child benefit (AKW)

Child benefit is money from the government towards the expenses of raising a child. If you live or work in the Netherlands and you have a child or children under 18, you will receive Dutch child benefit.

Old age pension (AOW)

The AOW is a Dutch state pension for people who have reached their pension age. If you live or work in the Netherlands, you will almost certainly be insured under the AOW scheme.

Survivor benefit (Anw)

The benefits paid under the National Survivor Benefits Act (Anw) are financial support from the government for people whose partner has died, and for children who are orphaned.

Long-term Care Act (Wlz)

As a rule, people who live or work in the Netherlands are insured under the Long-term Care Act (Wlz). This Act provides for reimbursement for care that is not covered by regular health insurance. People who are covered by the Wlz scheme are legally obliged to take out Dutch health insurance. Only a small group of people who live in the Netherlands are not insured under the Wlz scheme. As privileged person you are probably not insured under the Long-term Care Act.