Skyline The Hague by night

Economic sectors

With many international businesses and organisations in the region, The Hague plays an important role in the Dutch economy, contributing to the Netherlands’ GDP. The region houses multiple thriving business sectors, including law, finance, energy, security, technology, and many more. This economic hub has created many career opportunities and has attracted a lot of international talent to the area. And this pool of talent is only strengthened by the region’s many universities, start-up campuses, and research institutes. 

Known as The Netherlands’ seat of government, The Hague is also recognised as the international city of peace and justice. It has gained this global reputation due to the national and intergovernmental agencies present in the city and its links to the international human rights-based system. These organisations, including the International Court of Justice and Europol, have drawn a high concentration of legal scholars, practices, and innovation centres to the area. People travel to The Hague from all over the world to work together on international law, policing, and policymaking. 

The economic sectors in The Hague enjoy the region’s convenient geography. The Hague forms part of the Randstad with Rotterdam, Utrecht, and the Dutch capital, Amsterdam. The Randstad is home to 8.5 million people, and its businesses and professionals can access other major cities with ease. The Hague also offers convenient connections to destinations across Europe. This connectivity bolsters the region’s business hub and continues to attract a global audience. 

Read on to learn more about the traditional and growing sectors that make up The Hague’s business ecosystem. 

Economic sectors

Peace and Justice

Home to the Dutch parliament, the Peace Palace, and the International Criminal Court, The Hague is known globally as the city of peace and justice.


The Hague region is home to major players in international security, including Europol, one of the world’s best-known international law enforcement agencies (alongside Interpol). As such, the area offers many employment opportunities in this sector.


For decades, The Hague has hosted large numbers of multinational energy companies. Recently it has also become a hub for innovative low and zero-carbon ways of producing energy.

IT and Tech

Learn about The Hague as a focal point for data science, IT and tech where global companies, research institutions, and the government collaborate and innovate.


The Hague region is well known for international innovation in the finance sector. Learn more about the area's key institutions, thriving start-ups, and where to work in finance.