Looking for a job

Looking for a Job in the Netherlands

Finding a job in the Netherlands for internationals is relatively easy compared to many other countries. There are a variety of jobs in the Netherlands that operate in other languages besides Dutch. Many jobs in The Hague revolve around international sectors such as peace and justice, IT and tech, energy and renewables, security and finance, and legal.

Looking for a job in a new country can be a daunting process. If you are just starting out your search for a new career in the Netherlands, we have several resources to help you. An important first step is updating your CV, tailoring it to the Dutch job market (and ideally even to the job you’re applying for). Also check out our top tips for applying for work in the Netherlands.

Once you’ve got your CV ready to go, begin your search. Our guide on where to find a job includes a list of job boards and recruitment agencies. Being your own boss more your thing? This list tells you everything you need to know about registering as a freelancer in the Netherlands.

Besides paid work, there are also several volunteer opportunities in The Hague. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about volunteering in The Hague region with an in-depth list of resources.

Once you’ve secured employment, you might be looking for a new place to live! Read all about the different neighbourhoods in and around The Hague region.