Parking permit The hague region


Paid parking is common in The Hague. Whether you’re a resident or just visiting, there are different types of paid parking. If you have your own car and are a resident of a paid parking area, you will be able to apply for a resident parking permit as well as visitor parking permits for your guests.

Resident Permits

Applying for a resident permit differs per municipality. There are two ways to apply for a resident parking permit in The Hague: online or in writing. Online is the easiest, most efficient way. You must have a DigiD and will sometimes be asked for additional documentation, depending on your circumstances.

The following links will tell you how to apply for a resident permit in your municipality.

Visitor Permits

If you’re a registered resident in your municipality and are planning on having guests, visitor parking permits are available. These permits contain parking credits that provide a limited number of parking credits per calendar year. The number of hours depends on which municipality you live in. Residents of The Hague are able to apply for a long-term parking permit.

The following links provide more information on how to apply for visitor parking in your municipality.

Car-sharing permits

Car-sharing is only available in The Hague. If you’re sharing a car with someone else (deelauto) and you both live in a paid-parking area, car-sharing permits are available.

City Parking

Visiting The Hague for a day? Park and Ride or public transport are your best options to avoid traffic and save money. In most parts of The Hague, paid parking is required and it mostly requires digital or card payments. Depending on your destination, a parking garage or combined means of travel could be cheaper. P+R facilities (park and ride) offer low-rate parking spaces on the outskirts of the city – an excellent option for a day trip to the city centre or The Hague Beach. This map for paid parking in The Hague offers an overview of paid parking zones in The Hague. 


If you are planning on moving to The Hague with your car, follow this guide on what steps you must take to bring your vehicle from abroad. You will also need to get a valid driving licence for the Netherlands. 


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