Parking permit The hague region



Paid parking is common in The Hague region. If you are a resident and have a car, you can apply for a parking permit which allows you to park in your neighbourhood without paying every time you park.

Resident's parking permit

Applying for a parking permit differs per municipality. At the Municipality of The Hague, there are 3 ways to apply for a parking permit: online, in writing or in person. Applying for a permit online is the most common way at municipalities. You will then need a DigiD and - depending on your situation - additional documents.

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Visitor’s parking permit

If you get visitors who need to park in the paid parking area in your neighbourhood, you can get a parking permit for visitors. The visitor's parking permit entitles you to a certain number of parking hours per year. This is your parking credit.

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Parking in the city

If you need to get popular neighbourhoods such as the city centre of The Hague and Delft or Scheveningen, you may want to consider Park & Ride or take public transportation to avoid traffic and save money on parking fees.

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