Healthcare The Hague

Healthcare and insurance

The Dutch healthcare system is well regarded across Europe. It uses modern methods and techniques, and aims to provide healthcare at a minimal cost to everyone. In general, the Dutch healthcare system can be thought of as a hybrid between a socialised model and a private insurance model. Everyone in the Netherlands (over 18) needs to have a health insurance policy, though the monthly premium, personal excess and cost of treatments are controlled by the government. You can change your insurance provider once per year. 

Upon moving to the Netherlands it is very important that you take out a Dutch health insurance policy, and also sign up with a local GP or family doctor (‘huisarts’). Accessing specialised care will almost always involve a trip to your local GP office first. Dental care, mental healthcare, and other forms of care and therapies are available within a free market, and coverage for these services varies depending on your health insurance policy.  

There are also various forms of government support available for people that can't afford the cost of their insurance or have more complex and longer-term health issues.  

Healthcare Providers