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Healthcare and insurance

Moving to a new country also means a new environment with different customs and rules. The Hague International Centre is here to help and assist you as much as possible to ensure a smooth transition to your new home.

Therefore, we created a series of animation videos to inform newcomers on a wide range of topics such as healthcare, registration, housing, language, and education in the Netherlands. In this first video we focus on healthcare

Every country has its own healthcare system and rules. In this video, we highlight the most important things newcomers need to know about the Dutch healthcare system and what needs to be arranged upon arrival in the Netherlands.

The Dutch healthcare system is available to everyone, and all citizens living or working in the Netherlands must take out basic health insurance. Besides basic health insurance, you also have the option to choose additional health insurance packages. 

There may be some aspects of the Dutch healthcare that can be confusing to newcomers; for example, the role of your GP (general practitioner or family doctor), how insurance works, and getting in touch with the right medical experts. 

Upon moving to the Netherlands it is very important that you take out a Dutch health insurance policy, and also sign up with a local GP or family doctor (‘huisarts’). Keep in mind that not all GP are accepting new patients. You need a referral from your GP for most specialised healthcare. Dental care, mental healthcare, and other forms of specialised care are not covered in basic health insurance. You can purchase extra packages that cover your specific health care needs.

Not all prescription medication is covered by Dutch health insurance. Make sure you check which policy and extra packages best fit your needs. You can change your health insurance once a year.

There are also various forms of government support available for people who cannot afford the cost of their insurance or have more complex and longer-term health issues.  

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