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The Hague

The Hague Library, ‘Bibliotheek Den Haag’

The Hague Library holds an extensive collection of books, films, magazines, newspapers, and more. As the-place-to-be for free access to information, the Hague Library inspires its residents to continue developing, serving as the living room of the city where people of all ages and backgrounds mingle.

It is an interactive space where adults can join educational activities, such as workshops, symposiums and courses (find the upcoming agenda here, in Dutch). It is also a quiet place where students study and find resources for papers using the Basic Pass ‘Basispas’ at a student discount. Children until the age of 18 can borrow the library’s collections via the Youth Pass ‘Jeugdpas’ for free and join the many activities for youths (in Dutch) organised by the library.

Free first-year membership

The Hague Library is a part of the Municipality of The Hague. When you become a resident in The Hague, you should receive a Welcome Packet ‘Welkomstpakket’ from the municipality. In this Welcome Packet, you will find a free one-year membership at The Hague Library valued at €35. This membership gives you access to the Central Library at Spui, as well as the other 16 public libraries in The Hague. This membership allows you to borrow 12 items at a time, with a loan term of 3 weeks, including free loan extensions on books and documentaries. If you missed your Welcome Packet upon registration at the municipality, make sure to give the municipality a call to request for one!

Learn Dutch

Do you want to learn or practice Dutch? The Hague Library offers Dutch language classes nearly every day. The special collection, ‘Learn Dutch,’ includes language courses, books, and audio visual materials for practising your Dutch language skills. The Taalhuis on the second floor of the Central Library can also help you find a suitable language course in The Hague. Read more in our section on Learning Dutch.

The Hague Library during corona times

The Hague Library has opened their doors again since 20 May. Everyone is welcome to make use of their facilities, but some restrictions are still held in place. More information can be found here.



DOK (in Dutch) is a popular library in Delft with 2 locations: DOK Centrum (Vesteplein 100) and DOK Voorhof (Duke Ellingtonstraat 203). Taalhuis can also be found in DOK Voorhof, a starting point for learning Dutch.  



Bibliotheek aan de Vliet (in Dutch) is Rijswijk's main library, located at Generaal Eisenhowerplein 101. Particularly special is that you can borrow works of art here at the Art Loan/ ‘Kunstuitleen’. Seeking to learn or practice Dutch? Bibliotheek aan de Vliet also has a Taalhuis. You can also join Taalcafé to practice Dutch with others who are learning the language.



Leidschendam-Voorburg has 2 libraries: one located in Leidschendam (Fluitpolderplein 5) and one in Voorburg (Koningin Julianalaan 257). Here you will also find the support you need to learn or practice Dutch at Taalhuis.


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