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Clubs and networks

The Hague region is very international, with a large civil society and hundreds of clubs, networks, and organisations all open to new members. Whether you want to practice or compete in sports, join like-minded individuals, or get into a new hobby, there's plenty of choice. The Hague is home to all sorts of voluntary organisations looking to help create a better society for everyone; as well as plenty of places for you to exhibit your sports, artistic, or musical skills. From organisations dedicated to culture, to participatory themed clubs and plenty for children to do, read on for more information. If you'd prefer to find out about The Hague region in general, see here.


ACCESS has been helping internationals for more than 35 years, free of charge. It is a local not-for-profit organisation, managed by volunteers – who moved here themselves – and are here to help anyone from anywhere settle with ease in the Netherlands.

City's Finest
City's Finest is about expats helping expats to settle-in quickly, and simply having a wonderful experience in The Hague by promoting "hidden treasures": the smaller, unique places and businesses, which aren’t always easy to find for newly arrived internationals.

Delft Mama (Delft Maternity And Motherhood Assistance)
DelftMaMa offers a helping hand to parents from the local international community. DelftMaMa is a non-profit organisation promoting the well-being and integration of international mothers-to-be and mothers of young children (0-12 years) in and around Delft.

The Expatriate Archive Centre
The Expatriate Archive Centre collects expatriate life stories from all over the world. It facilitates high-quality research that promotes and enhances a greater understanding of expatriate life from a variety of perspectives. The collection includes documentations of everyday life abroad in various formats from the late 19th century to the present.

The Hague International Network (THIN)
THIN is the oldest network of internationals that live/work in The Hague. They organise events with international topics and social activities where entrepreneurs and cultural organisations have the opportunity to present themselves in short pitches. Membership is free.

More communities:

Anglo-American Theatre Group (AATG)
AATG is an amateur theatre group, playing productions exclusively in the English language.

Cecilia International Choir
Cecilia International Choir is a diverse group (both expats and Dutch) with the core purpose to enjoy the experience of making good music with members of all nationalities and ages.

Expats in The Hague
A facebook group with more than 46,000 members. It was set up by internationals to help other internationals settle into their new lives in the Netherlands.

InterNations The Hague
InterNations The Hague helps internationals connect with fellow expats, join events and groups, get information and exchange tips about expat life in The Hague.

Justice and Peace Netherlands
Justice and Peace Netherlands is a non-profit organisation based in The Hague that is dedicated to defending and promoting respect for human rights and social justice, worldwide and in the Netherlands.

KulturNetz aan Zee
The initiative ‘KulturNetz aan Zee’ is founded by a group of friends who want to go on an exciting journey of discovery together. The point of interest is The Hague – the city, its culture and its history.

Rotary Club The Hague Metropolitan
The Rotary Club The Hague Metropolitan is a group of diverse professionals of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds who unite together to work on local and global humanitarian aid.

STET The English Theatre
STET is an international theatre organisation based in The Hague. They aim to bring new and diverse theatre to international and local audiences. And they offer workshops and plays for children and young adults throughout the country.

The Delftians
The Delftians provides a platform for veteran expats to help newcomers find their feet with local tips, a bit of support or just good company.

The Hungry Mind
The Hungry Mind aims to connect international and local communities in The Hague. It is a non-profit community centre, providing a variety of activities and events for adults and children, and a warm welcome to anyone who walks into their clubhouse.

Toastmasters of The Hague
Toastmasters provides a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every member has the opportunity to develop oral communication and leadership skills.

Wijkvereniging Benoordenhout expats
Neighbourhood Association Benoordenhout aims to promote the interests of residents and the environment in the Benoordenhout district of The Hague. 


National/Language Associations

Women's Initiatives