Taxi getting around The Hague region



Dutch taxis can be recognized by the lit 'taxi' sign on their roof and their blue number plates. Unlike in some countries, you cannot just hail a cab on the street. There are taxi stands at most train stations, at hotels or other assigned spots. But the best way to order a taxi is to call ahead and place a reservation. If you are staying at a hotel or having dinner at a restaurant, you may also ask the staff to order a cab for you. Another way to get a cab is through the Uber app, which is available in several major Dutch cities.

Be careful that you do not get into any unlicensed cabs, not even when they offer you cheaper fair. You should be able to see the identification of the driver when you get into the car. Keep in mind there will already be a minimum fare on the meter to guarantee a fair price for drivers. Finally, remember that the Dutch can be cheap – it is not uncommon for someone to offer to share a cab with you and split the fare.