Changing your health insurance provider 

The Dutch healthcare system can seem confusing to outsiders, but is based on the principle that everyone should be able to access quality care. Many people know that they need to have insurance (once they have arrived in the Netherlands), or that children are covered on their parents policies up to age 18, but fewer know that...

Explore the Dutch autumn – off the beaten path

Although the summer may have ended and we are heading for colder and shorter days, nature presents its most dazzling side in Autumn. It's the best season to discover forests, parks, beaches and more in The Hague region.

Rental advice in The Hague

The Municipality of The Hague has recently set-up a Rental Helpdesk to provide tenants and landlord in the private rental sector with free information and advice. Expats and internationals can also contact them if they need advice.

Discover Just Peace Month in The Hague

From 20 September to 24 October, Just Peace Month offers an opportunity for everyone to find out more about the human stories behind the organisations working in The Hague to make the world a more just and peaceful place.

Nature-inspired Childcare

As Villa Bloom gear up to celebrate 10 years of bilingual childcare, we spoke to Rose Takens, from Marketing Communications, to learn more about their future plans in The Hague region.

Changes for expats from July 2021

From July, many policy and legislative changes come into effect in The Hague and the Netherlands. Here is a list of important changes that may affect expats and internationals.