DigiD The Hague region


DigiD is the name given to the secure online login used by residents in the Netherlands to interact with the Dutch government. Using DigiD makes organising your official matters (including taxes, healthcare, and more) much easier, and means that almost everything can be done online.  The system is used by both local and national government, and so you can use one login to access and arrange all of your contact with the Dutch authorities. In order to obtain a DigiD login, you must already be registered in the BRP, and so have a BSN.  

Applying for DigiD 

You can apply for a DigiD for free on the DigiD website. The online application form has 3 steps and is available in English.  

See this step-by-step explanation on how to apply for a DigiD. 

Why is my DigiD not working? 

This could be due to several reasons: 

  • After 3 years of not being used, your DigiD might have expired. You will have to re-apply for your DigiD 

  • Your DigiD has been blocked due to multiple incorrect login attempts. You can try again after a few hours 

  • Your DigiD is not activated: you activate your DigiD using a unique code sent to your home address through the mail 

How can I get a DigiD? 

With a DigiD, it is easier to arrange for government-related matters online. You can apply for your DigiD for free here is how you can apply: 

  1. If you are registered with a municipality in the Netherlands you can apply for a DigiD via www.digid.nl/en. You will need your citizen service number (BSN) for the application. After registration, You will receive a letter with an activation code within a maximum of 3 working days. 

  2. If you are not registered with the municipality (only registered as non-resident via Non-Resident Database or Protocol and Host Country Affairs Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs): 

  • EU/EEA-nationals can register for DigiD online. After registration, they need to pick up an activation code at a DigiD service desk. The DigiD service desks have a long waiting time at this moment (7 weeks waiting time in The Hague). 
  • Non-EU/EEA nationals must first register with a municipality to be able to apply for a DigiD. 

If you work for an international organisation or embassy and live in The Hague, Delft, Leidschendam-Voorburg, or Rijswijk; and you are only registered at the Protocol and Host Country Affairs Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you can make an appointment with The Hague International Centre for your municipal registration. Otherwise, you need to contact your own municipality. 

More information on registering at your local municipality can be found here: