Getting started: moving and furniture The Hague region

Getting started: moving and furniture



So, you have found a new home in The Hague region. You may want to bring along more than just your personal belongings. Depending on the duration of your stay, it could be appealing for you to bring your current furniture. While a move from one country to another may take some extra organising, there are many parties who could make this happen for you. In addition to the actual move, they may also help you with packing things, handling materials that need extra care, and unpacking everything at your new home.

If you are moving to The Hague from a different city in the Netherlands, it is very easy to find the right movers. Many companies provide a variety of services. You can also hire your own van. That way, you and some friends can get to work and move everything at your own pace.


While some expat housing options may provide you with furniture, there are also a lot of options where you have to start from the beginning. When you have just moved to the Netherlands, this may seem like a big job to put together. But depending on your needs, your new place can feel like home very quickly.

Get your furniture delivered

While many stores in The Hague may be new to you, there are probably a few major names that will sound familiar. One of the biggest furniture stores is Ikea, which is located in Delft. The bigger the brand, the easier it is to order from their web shop and have everything delivered. You can decide when the best time is to have everything delivered: during the day, or maybe in the evening when you’re you are home from work. An extra advantage may be that you can even hire somebody to assemble everything for you. That way, you do not have to worry about getting that closet in the right spot or where your screwdriver is.

All the stores you need in one place

Another way of furniture shopping is a cherished Dutch habit, especially in weekends. A trip to the woonboulevard, also known as a mall for furniture, may require a large car but is perfect if you want to try before you buy. You will find these furniture malls right outside major cities in the Netherlands. In the region of The Hague, there is the biggest furniture mall in all of Europe, named Megastores. Here you can spend all day looking for the right things for your home.

Cheap but good-looking

When you have some extra time and want to save a little money, there are many options. In The Hague you will find a lot of thrift stores with a big selection of second hand goods. Most of them have furniture, household items but also clothes. This can be a great, affordable option to get some furniture with a unique style. You can also do some second-hand shopping online. The market place platform Craigslist is not very popular in the Netherlands, but Marktplaats is the perfect spot to search for anything you need in your neighbourhood. All you need is transportation and you can pick up your new belongings.