Dutch weather The Hague region

Dutch weather


The Netherlands is one of the best countries in the world to live, according to many lists. We have good health care, high life expectancy, a low rate of income inequality and great education. Everything is great in the Netherlands, but there is one thing that could be better: the Dutch weather. It is often the Dutch’ favourite small-talk topic for discussion. 

Dutch climate

The Netherlands has a moderate marine climate with mild winters and not-too-hot summers. There are no extremes in Dutch weather. Many Dutch will say that the Netherlands is a rainy country, but this is not really true. The thing is that Dutch weather is unpredictable. One day everybody is enjoying the sun while having a drink on a terrace. The next day you will have to use your umbrella to shelter from the rain. The idea that it may rain at any time gives you the feeling that the Netherlands is a rainy country, but actually it does not rain all that much. All in all, the Netherlands only has about 700 millimetres of rainfall each year.