Dutch weather Scheveningen Storm

Dutch weather

The Netherlands is one of the best places in the world to live. Great healthcare, high life expectancy, and a renowned education system. But soon you’ll notice there’s just one thing that could be better: the weather. A favourite topic of conversation among Dutch people, the weather in The Hague and the Netherlands is full of ups and downs. One day you’re eating a picnic at the beach and the next you’re clutching your umbrella as the rain pours down. In the Netherlands, it’s important to be prepared for whatever the skies throw at you. 

Dutch Climate

The Netherlands has a temperate marine climate with mild winters and not-to-hot summers. Though Dutch weather is seldom extreme, it is unpredictable. Rain can fall at any time, so it’s a good idea to keep an umbrella at hand. That being said, the Netherlands is not as rainy as it might seem – the Netherlands only gets about 700 millimetres of rainfall a year. Occasionally, there are heavy storms with high winds and driving rains. 

The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI)

The KNMI, or Koninklijk Nederlands Meteorologisch Instituut (Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute), is the Dutch national weather forecasting service. They are responsible for all things weather-related in the Netherlands, from forecasting to monitoring climate changes. A quick check of their website before you leave for the day will let you know what sort of weather to expect for the day and warn you of any approaching storms. Because the weather can be so unpredictable, weather apps with real-time information are also popular: use Buienradar or Buienalarm to find out whether it will rain when you are about to step out.

Rain or shine, there are many outdoor activities to enjoy in The Hague. Learn more about nature in and around The Hague. Like to spend a lot of time outdoors? With its network of cycle paths, the Netherlands has a clear favourite when it comes to modes of transport.