Even though the Netherlands is a small country, there are many airports located throughout the country. There is no need to worry if you want to hop on a plane for business, family visits or a holiday because there will be always an airport near you. There are 5 civilian airports in the Netherlands:

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Schiphol is the biggest, most important and the busiest airport in the Netherlands. It is the fifth most trafficked airport in Europe. It is located in Haarlemmermeer, a municipality that borders towards the city of Amsterdam and Haarlem. The airport can easily be reached through public transportation since there is a train station right underneath Schiphol which links the airport to Amsterdam Central Station within 15 minutes. Travelling between Schiphol and The Hague only takes 30 minutes. Schiphol is the main convenient civilian airport for Amsterdam. Schiphol is the hub for KLM, as well as for Corendon Dutch Airlines, Martinair, Transavia and TUI fly the Netherlands. The airport also serves as a European hub for Jet Airways and as a base for EasyJet and Vueling.

Rotterdam The Hague Airport

Rotterdam The Hague Airport is the Netherlands’ third-largest airport. It is located in Rotterdam and serves both Rotterdam and The Hague region. The airport manages one million tourists per year, principally clients of the 6 low-cost airlines that function through the airport: Transavia, CityJet, British Airways, TUI, Jetairfly and Vueling. Rotterdam The Hague Airport is the only airport next to Schiphol situated in the Randstad.

The airport can be reached through public transportation:

  • From The Hague Central station, take metro line E to Slinge until Meijersplein.
  • At Meijersplein, go to the bus stop and take Bus 33 to Central Station via Airport. Get off at Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

Eindhoven Airport

Eindhoven Airport is the second largest airport in the Netherlands. It is the Dutch hub for numerous European low-priced and small airlines. Its location in North Brabant makes it relatively far from The Hague region (by Dutch standards). The airport can be reached by train in approximately 90 minutes and by bus number 401 from Eindhoven Station in approximately 30 minutes. The advantage of this airport is that several low-price air carriers like Ryanair, Wizz Air and Transavia will operate through Eindhoven Airport.

Maastricht Aachen Airport

Maastricht Aachen Airport is an airport in Beek, in the south of the Netherlands. The activities of Maastricht Aachen Airport are aimed at the transportation of passengers and cargo. The airport serves the Meuse-Rhine Euroregion with flights from low-cost airlines Corendon, Ryanair and Enter Air.

Groningen Airport Eelde

Groningen Airport Eelde is an airport near Eelde, in the north-east of the Netherlands. The airport offers flights to destinations in for example Spain, Greece, Portugal and Turkey.

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