Finding a job

Finding a job


As one of the twenty largest economies in the world and leading global knowledge economy, the Netherlands has a lot of jobs to offer to internationals. At many international organisations, companies, NGO’s, startups and knowledge institutes English is the main working language. French and German are also in demand at international organisations and multinationals. For many jobs Dutch is not required.

Job opportunities in and around The Hague region

Here in The Hague region, you will always find something for you: there are more than 250,000 jobs in all imaginable fields. The main international knowledge clusters of The Hague region are Peace & Justice, IT and Tech, Energy and Renewables, Security and Finance and Legal. In The Hague region you can work on innovations to make the world a better place.

And if you do not find anything here in the region, you can always look for jobs in the rest of the Netherlands. Within 35 minutes you can travel to Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam or Leiden. These cities host different internationally oriented economic clusters than The Hague region.

How to find a job

Finding a job may require quite some effort. Most companies and organisations advertise their vacancies on the internet and social media. You will need to look at the vacancy section of employers you want to work for, at online job boards or portals, find a recruiter who can help you in your search for a job, or network. Some of the international fairs also host a career section.


LinkedIn is a very popular recruitment tool in the Netherlands. Most organisations and companies post their vacancies on LinkedIn. Recruiters search through profiles to find potential matches. You can sign up to LinkedIn for free. Make sure your profile is up to date and matches your CV. Please upload a professional photo. You can join groups, take part in discussions, follow your favourite organisations, and get regular updates from LinkedIn’s own job search.

Independent job boards

A great way to find jobs is to look through the various independent job boards. A number of recruitment agencies are specialised in multilingual jobs and many employment vacancy website have an English-language job section.:

Job/recruiting agencies

Many Dutch companies rely on recruitment agencies (uitzendbureaus) to find employees, and it is a common way to find work in the Netherlands. You can visit agencies in person, and there are lots of online recruitment agencies. Some recruitment agencies offer specialised multilingual services.

More information

The most complete and authoritative source of information for people looking for work in the Netherlands is