As an international resident, volunteering is a great way to integrate into your local community. It comes with many benefits, from building a network of like-minded people to improving your Dutch language skills. Get involved in your community and connect with your neighbours. From animal shelters to helping locals in need to wider global issues, The Hague region has plenty of volunteering positions – also for multilingual people.

Search for Volunteering Organisations

Volunteer The Hague is an ideal way for non-Dutch speakers to connect with organisations for volunteer work. Simply choose your cause, the number of hours you want to commit, and for how long you want to help. With over 300 volunteer positions available throughout the city, Volunteer The Hague provides the details so you can contact organisations directly. Browse the open positions and find something that aligns with your interests and goals.

You can also check out the online calendar featured on NL Cares. Every day different volunteer activities are featured, making finding something that’s right for you a breeze. Alternatively, register to volunteer at Stichting Present which connects communities with volunteers.

Get Proactive

Already know which organisation you’d like to join? Get in touch with them. Check out their website or social media for open positions or leave your details over the phone or by email for when something opens up. If you are already familiar with organisations in your neighbourhood, such as a church, mosque, elderly home, or school, ask if they can use you as a volunteer. Refugee organisations and homeless shelters are often looking for donations or a helping hand. And, if you’re an animal lover, take a trip to your local vet or animal shelter and offer your services.

Volunteering is a rewarding experience that connects you with locals and community groups so that you can feel at home faster. To further develop your skills, see our resources for finding a job or even freelancing and starting your own business. You can also learn about Dutch work culture to get up to speed on how business is conducted in the Netherlands. 

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