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Volunteering as an international

For an international, volunteering can have many benefits. It can be an excellent way of building a local network of like-minded people and it can help your Dutch language skills.

Whether you want to do your share of work in the community or you are looking for opportunities to connect with people - The Hague region is bursting with volunteer opportunities. As an international, you also have your pick from many English-language organisations that need assistance.

Volunteer The Hague

The best way to connect to organisations for volunteer work is via Volunteer The Hague. Here, you can specify the kind of volunteer work you are looking for. With at least 300 volunteer positions available throughout the city, you will have your pick from different causes, the number of hours you want to commit per week, and for how long you want to help. A major advantage is that rather than referring you to the website of an organisation, Volunteer The Hague immediately provides details so you can contact a representative.

Contact an organisation of your preference

Do you already have an organisation in mind that you would like to join? Check their website or social media for any open volunteer positions. If these are not listed, it is worth reaching out to them by phone or email to offer your services. They may not be able to assign you to a task right away but may take down your details and contact you later.

If you are already connected to any institutions in your neighbourhood, you may ask if they can use you as a volunteer. This is often the case for religious centres, such as a church or mosque, or when there is an elderly home close to your home. If you have any children in primary school, they may occasionally be able to use the assistance of a parent in the classroom.

Refugee shelters and homeless shelters are also often looking for people to volunteer their time or donate. If you love animals, you may check in with your local vet or animal pound to offer your services.

Other organisations for volunteer work

NL Cares
Stichting Present

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