Refugee support

Refugee support

Aylum seekers with a resident permit are considered refugees and members of the Dutch society. Newcomers (refugees, family migrants and other migrants) in The Hague are obliged to become officially ingeburgerd. The new Civic Integration Act (effective on 1 January 2022), requires The Hague municipality to assist refugees, with an individual Civic Integration and Participation Plan (PIP). Learn more about the steps to your integration process as a refugee.

About refugee support

After you have been granted your residence permit, you are obliged to go through inburgering (civic integration). This integration period is 3 years.  

The steps to your civic integration process as a refugee are as followed.

  1. Overdrachtsgesprek; a first introduction meeting with an assigned case manager by the municipality of The Hague.  
  2. Regeldag en verhuizing; transfer of keys to a 1-time assigned house provided by The Hague’s housing corporation. This also starts social and financial guidance.
  3. Brede intakegesprek; an intake interview about the inburgering.
  4. De brugklas; a first series of classes to learn Dutch, learn more about The Hague and meet assigned coaches and peers.
  5. Leerbaarheidstoets (LBT); a test to determine which learning route to follow.
  6. Personal integration and participation plan (PIP); a written plan of action with an assigned case manager.
  7. De leerroute; a 1-3 year roadmap (drawn from 4 available learning routes)  to help you familiarize with the Dutch society and learn Dutch as soon as possible.
  8. Participatieverklaringstraject; a 12-hours participation declaration process based on learning  the Dutch societal values. This part is rounded up with a signed participation declaration.
  9. Module arbeidsmarkparticipatie (MAP); 64-hour language classes and learnings through volunteering or an internship with the objective to learn more about the Dutch job market. This is finalized with an oral exam.  
  10. Het inburgeringsexamen; the final civic integration exam.
  11. Ingeburgerd; a final certificate presented by DUO.  

The Hague Municipality provides detailed information about about the registration process for asylum seekers. Also, The Hague’s policy on housing for asylum refugee provides updated information on the housing supply.