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The Hague

Do you have an innovative idea or are you a commercial genius? The Hague is the perfect place for you to start out as an innovative young entrepreneur! The city offers excellent opportunities for start-ups. Many young entrepreneurs have already chosen to make this city their home. Their success stories are not only a testament to the strength of their ideas: they also show that The Hague has an excellent climate for start-ups.

With figureheads like the Peace Palace, the International Court of Justice, Europol and the International Criminal Court, The Hague is worldwide known as the international city of peace and justice. Every day, tens of thousands of people in The Hague are working towards a better future. By joining in their efforts, start-ups can help finding solutions for major social issues. The fact that The Hague is a government city also helps foster a great climate for start-ups. The Startup in Residence program, for example, offers you the opportunity to collaborate with the government and test your ideas in the city.”


The Hague is the first ImpactCity of the world. The city is proud to be the frontrunner on an international scale when it comes down to join forces for entrepreneurship and impact to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals. The core of the global ImpactCity is ‘doing good & doing business’.

So, if you launch a start-up in The Hague, you will not be on your own. The Hague has an extensive range of facilities to support young, innovative entrepreneurs. There are regular events in the city where young entrepreneurs can inspire each other to come up with great new ideas and initiatives, such as Impact StartupFest. Accelerator programmes like World Start-up Factory also help start-ups to take their plans to the next level. And if you are looking for a housing, you may want to consider working in one of the start-up hubs or collective office buildings in The Hague. Think of the New World Campus, The Hague Humanity Hub, The Hague Tech, Caballero Fabriek or Apollo 14. Here, you will meet new entrepreneurs with unique insights and passions every day.


Delft is globally known as the city of technology and innovation. Because of the high concentration of knowledge-based institutions, global companies and excellent studies at Delft University of Technology, a lot of exciting developments and inventions that have great impact in the world are realized in Delft. You can also be a part of this! If you have a tech start-up based on an innovative and scalable business idea, you should definitely go to Delft.

Both TU Delft and Delft city council share a common interest in capitalizing on the available technological knowledge. One of the results of their combined efforts is The Young Entrepreneurs Society, YES!Delft, launched in 2005. YES!Delft offers people who want to start their own technology based businesses (in Dutch, simply referred to as 'technostarters') the perfect environment to learn how to best start up their own companies.

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