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Why invest in The Hague region

In the Hague, the international city of peace and justice, tens of thousands of people are working every day to tackle complex global challenges. It is a city that is cosmopolitan yet compact. Just about everything in the city is just a stone’s throw away from everything else – government agencies, commercial enterprises, knowledge institutions and international organisations. So connections are easily made; it is a place where you can readily expand your network and exert influence. At the national level or the international level. Which is why multinationals like Shell, Siemens, Huawei and the NN Group find a welcoming business climate in The Hague.

Economic sectors such as Energy, Legal & Finance, IT & Tech, and Security are well-represented in The Hague. The city is also the seat of the Dutch government – a place where important decisions affecting the future of the country are taken every day. With knowledge institutions such as The Hague University of Applied Sciences and the universities of Leiden, Delft and Rotterdam, there’s a steady stream of highly educated talent to the city.

Find out more about why you should establish your business in The Hague, the place to work together on the innovations and international issues shaping the future!

Why invest in The Hague region


Connectivity is everything in today’s world. Partners, consumers, opinion leaders, policy makers, high potential staff, young and talented people eager...


The Hague is the perfect place for you to start out as an innovative young entrepreneur!

Recruiting internationally

The Hague region boasts a modern, productive, flexible, multilingual and talented workforce. You will find highly-educated talent here: the Dutch...

International ecosystem

The Netherlands offers you a competitive fiscal climate in comparison to other EU countries. This stems from our country’s strong...

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Economic Sectors

Peace and Justice

Home to the Dutch parliament, the Peace Palace, and the International Criminal Court, The Hague is known globally as the city of peace and justice.


The Hague region is home to major players in international security, including Europol, one of the world’s best-known international law enforcement agencies (alongside Interpol). As such, the area offers many employment opportunities in this sector.

IT and Tech

Learn about The Hague as a focal point for data science, IT and tech where global companies, research institutions, and the government collaborate and innovate.


For decades, The Hague has hosted large numbers of multinational energy companies. Recently it has also become a hub for innovative low and zero-carbon ways of producing energy.


The Hague region is well known for international innovation in the finance sector. Learn more about the area's key institutions, thriving start-ups, and where to work in finance.