Assistance The Hague region

Assistance and support

Setting up your business in a new country can get very complicated. But you will never be on your own, since there are several agencies that offer you their help.

The Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (for the Netherlands)

Whether you are considering locating in the Netherlands or have existing operations here, the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) is prepared to assist your company at every stage of establishing or expanding operations here. Free, confidential services offered by NFIA include: organizing fact-finding missions; arranging meetings with relevant partners; and providing personalized guidance and counsel on tax, government and permit procedures, location options and business solutions.

An operational unit of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, the NFIA is your first port of call, connecting you with a broad network of business partners, regional economic development organizations and government institutions to facilitate your international expansion.

Invest in Holland (for specific regions in the Netherlands)

InnovationQuarter and The Hague Business Agency are regional partners of the Invest in Holland network of the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA). Together with other regional development agencies like Amsterdam inBusiness, Rotterdam Partners, Brainport and a number of other regional organisations, they assist foreign companies in setting up their office in the Netherlands.

InnovationQuarter (for the Province of Zuid-Holland)

InnovationQuarter helps you find the right locations and facilities for setting-up or expanding business in the Province of Zuid-Holland also known as the greater Rotterdam - The Hague area. They connect you with their tailor-made know-how and key networks especially in sectors like Maritime & Harbor, Horticulture, Aerospace, Life Sciences & Health, High Tech Systems & Materials, Energy, Circular, ICT and Cybersecurity. Their services are free of charge.

What can InnovationQuarter do for you?

  • They will provide you with all the information you need regarding the Dutch national and regional business climates.
  • They will facilitate introductions to their networks, which include both the private and public sector.
  • They will facilitate and organize your fact finding trip on the ground, arrange customised meetings and guide you through the procedures of setting-up your business and the complete site selection process within the region.
  • They will help facilitate connections to collaboration partners, research institutes, test facilities, or companies.
  • They will will continue to support you as your business moves through all phases of growth, expansion or relocation.

The Hague Business Agency (for The Hague)

If you are considering locating your business in The Hague, The Hague Business Agency will assist your company at every stage of establishing or expanding your operations. It offers free, confidential services and ensures a soft landing in The Hague by providing useful introductions to its network. The Hague Business Agency is specialised in the economic clusters of New Energy, IT & Technology, Legal & Policy, Finance, NGOs & Social Enterprises and Cyber Security.

What can The Hague Business Agency do for you?

  • Their business advisors will gladly accompany you on visits to your future location.
  • They will help you with finding that ideal office through site viewing at a fact-finding trip.
  • They will also give you a market overview, which is crucial to understanding your business.
  • They will help you register your company.
  • They will help you find out what permits you should apply for.
  • They have direct links to science and research centres and can introduce you to recruiters and HR-consultants to help you find talent in the Netherlands.
  • They help you get in touch with relevant parties and their network.

Economic Sectors

Peace and Justice

Home to the Dutch parliament, the Peace Palace, and the International Criminal Court, The Hague is known globally as the city of peace and justice.


The Hague region is home to major players in international security, including Europol, one of the world’s best-known international law enforcement agencies (alongside Interpol). As such, the area offers many employment opportunities in this sector.


For decades, The Hague has hosted large numbers of multinational energy companies. Recently it has also become a hub for innovative low and zero-carbon ways of producing energy.

IT and Tech

Learn about The Hague as a focal point for data science, IT and tech where global companies, research institutions, and the government collaborate and innovate.


The Hague region is well known for international innovation in the finance sector. Learn more about the area's key institutions, thriving start-ups, and where to work in finance.