IT Tech The Hague region

IT and Tech

The Hague region’s advanced IT infrastructure, network of international tech companies, and pool of talented professionals strengthen the Netherlands’ reputation as a digital gateway to Europe. IT and technological innovations from the city include developments in artificial intelligence (AI), drones, robots, and blockchain. And they are globally influential. In fact, in recent years, The Hague has been listed as one of the top five fastest-growing tech hubs in Europe. 

A Global IT and Tech Community

Many national and international companies in the IT and tech sector operate from The Hague region. Some of the best-known regional institutions are the Ministry of Economic Affairs and ACM (the Dutch Independent Post and Telecommunications Authority). Whereas international companies include Siemens, T-Mobile, Huawei, HCL Technologies, Tech Mahindra, and AT&T. And these industry giants are not alone, as the city also supports a network of over 1500 start-ups and other newcomers.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are attracted to the Netherlands, and to The Hague in particular. The area boasts a strategic location (close to several other Randstad cities), an existing tech community, and high-quality professional talent from local universities and businesses. And the Netherlands’ reputation for a healthy work-life balance and a good quality of life captures the interest of many international students and professionals. 

Delft: A City for Technological Innovation

Delft is a neighbouring city of The Hague that is globally renowned for its high-tech institutions and enterprises. It’s also fertile ground for new innovations and start-ups. 

Although the city is relatively small, Delft houses several highly regarded universities and academies that specialise in technological research and studies. TU Delft, Delft University of Technology, and the Royal Academy draw students, academics, and innovators from all around the world.

To further this reputation, both TU Delft and Delft City Council share a common interest in capitalising on the technological knowledge and talent on offer. Their cooperation has created joint ventures such as YESDelft!, an organisation that helps young entrepreneurs and start-ups to develop their ideas and gain investment. 

Career and Education Opportunities 

With its vast network of tech companies, government offices, and places to study, The Hague region is a popular choice for those in the industry. Local and international talent is embraced by the city’s IT and tech players and is welcomed to explore, discover, and innovate. It’s also a place where new companies can find their feet with access to a collaborative start-up network, a diverse pool of local talent, and additional help from incubators such as YESDelft! and others.

The city’s tech hub also offers industry events, co-working spaces, and a supportive community of both experts and learners. This local network inspires collaboration and is a prime example of the passion that exists for these fields.  


Alongside its IT and tech industry, The Hague is also home to a range of other thriving economic sectors. Looking for a career change or relocating to The Hague? Learn more about how to find a job and a place to live in the region.