Student Sport

Student sports

There are many options in The Hague region for students who want to take part in sports – either individually or as part of a team. There’s even a Student Sports Board that works to get as many students as possible up and moving. As well as joining a university sports club, there are low-cost deals for sports clubs and good facilities for top athletes. And those who love the competitive side of sporting can represent The Hague at student championships.

Student Deals for Sports Clubs

All students studying in The Hague can buy a pass giving unlimited access to the Sports Centre at The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS). The Hague Sports and Fitness Pass allows you to work out in the brand-new gym anytime during opening hours, take part in group fitness classes including yoga, boxing, Zumba and bodypump) and play various indoor sports (indoor football, basketball, volleyball, badminton). Students at Leiden University can take advantage of Sports Center The Buzz. Equipped with the latest technology in the world of fitness combined with training equipment and group classes, The Buzz offers a complete fitness concept. 

Student Sports Clubs 

If team sports are your thing, there are a range of sports clubs in The Hague that welcome students. Most will offer a discount on membership fees if you show your student pass. Check out this overview of student sports clubs in the region

Student Sports Board The Hague

Student Sports Board The Hague is the umbrella organisation for all student sports associations in the city. The board is made up of six local students who commit themselves for a year. They organise events to introduce students to various sports and associations in the city. The Sports Board also represents the interests of student sports associations, maintains contact with higher education institutions and is the point of contact for all students in The Hague who want to play sports. 

Top-level Athletes

The Hague offers various facilities for top-level sports and professional athletes. There are also a number of educational institutions that offer facilities and special arrangements for students who want to combine their studies with professional sport at a national or international level. These include:  

The Centre for Top Sport and Study (website in Dutch) can help student athletes find accommodation that’s convenient for both their training location and educational institute.

Student Sport Championships

The Hague region is a member of Student Sports Netherlands (SSN), the national umbrella organisation for student sports. Every year, more than 50 Dutch Student Championships (NSKs) take place under the SSN flag. These cover a wide range of sports and usually take place in a different location each year. Both individual students and student teams from across the Netherlands can take part and there are also championships at the European level. 

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