Living in Laak

Living in Laak

Although Laak is the smallest and least populated district in The Hague, it certainly still packs a punch. Once a typically industrial space, Laak is now known as a cool, creative, and multicultural area in development for both work and home life. Living in one of its three neighbourhoods – Binckhorst, Spoorwijk, and Laakkwartier – will give easy access to the many shops, bars, restaurants, and office spaces nearby, plus a quick route into The Hague’s city centre. 

Everyday Life 

In Laak you’ll find a mix of long-time locals (Hagenaren), students, young professionals, and creatives. In fact, over half of the district’s residents are between 20 and 45 years. In recent years, Laak has built a reputation as a creative hub. Facilities such as PIP Den Haag, Maakhaven, Cabrello Factory, and Blink36 offer artists, designers, and craftspeople dynamic and inspiring places to work and develop ideas.

Since its industrial days, Laak has seen residential development and is known for its more affordable housing options. Many city apartments can be found along the waterside that once made up The Hague’s harbour area (Laakhaven). On the nearby Goeverneurlaan, you can discover a range of shops and eateries to explore.

Working and Education

With plenty of shared office spaces and studios, there is a mix of professionals that work in the district or commute into the city centre. Laak also has a thriving student community, largely due to the close proximity of The Hague University of Applied Sciences. For children, there are also many daycare, primary and senior schools options nearby.


You’ll find all the daily healthcare services you need in Laak, from maternity care and general practitioners to physiotherapy. Additionally, you’re within close range of the city’s main hospital system. 

Transport Links

Residents of this small district enjoy easy access to the rest of the city, region, and country through its excellent public transport network, including the nearest train station, Station Hollands Spoor. Buses, trams, and cycling routes are also plentiful and keep locals well-connected. For those travelling by car, the A12 motorway borders the district and Voorburg’s Park and Ride is also within easy reach. 

Local Contact

City Hall: Slachthuisplein 25, 2521 EC Den Haag


Relocating to a new region or even country is a big step. Find out everything you need to know about moving to The Hague, from housing to public transport. And discover what the surrounding neighbourhoods have to offer.

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