Wassenaarse slag

Living in Wassenaar

Wassenaar is an upmarket town situated between the cities of Leiden and The Hague. The area is home to approximately 26,000 residents, including a large community of US nationals. Surrounded by numerous parks and green spaces, locals can enjoy the outdoors right on their doorstep, while never being too far away from the bustle of city life. In the town’s historic centre, there are also several boutiques, bars, and restaurants to explore. 

Everyday Life 

Wassenaar’s residents enjoy a very high quality of life. The town (and municipality) contains golf courses, a nature reserve (Meijendel), and beautiful residential areas with spacious family homes. It’s also home to Groot Haesebroekseweg, a street with some of the Netherlands’ most expensive properties. Rich in history and culture, the town houses several esteemed museums, galleries, and art displays, including Museum Voorlinden, Louwman Museum, and Sculpture Garden Clingenbosch. Just outside Wassenaar lie seven kilometres of beautiful coastline (Strand Wassenaarseslag). It’s ideal for spending a family day out, a relaxing afternoon, or walking your four-legged friend on the dog beach. And for those looking for a day in the city, the neighbouring cities of Leiden and The Hague are just 30 minutes in either direction by car or public transport. 

Working and Education

Many residents commute to The Hague for work. But Wassenaar is also the base for the US Embassy in the Netherlands as well as several other international relations organisations such as the Clingendael Institute, all of which employ many expatriates. In terms of education, Wassenaar contains multiple acclaimed Dutch and international school options, including the highly rated Rijnlands Lyceum and The American School in The Hague.    

Transport Links

The N448, A44 and A4 motorways are easily accessed from Wassenaar, providing a convenient connection to Amsterdam and other areas for those travelling by car. And the region is also well-served by public transport – many train and bus routes connect Wassenaar to the region and the rest of the country. 

Local Contact

City Hall: Johan de Wittstraat 45, 2242 LV Wassenaar


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