Are you considering to settle down in Rijswijk? Great idea, but be sure not to miscall it The Hague, as you’ll soon be reminded by the locals that this is a separate township. Home to more than 50.000 people, Rijswijk treats its residents with several large parks  and a number of little ponds and lakes. There are several international organizations in the neighbourhood, and various festivals and events take place now and then.

Living in Rijswijk

First of all, what’s special about life in Rijswijk? It is a relatively calm neighbourhood within hands reach from all the attractions of The Hague, but with none of the bustle. Just to the north is the rustic Herenstraat, a quaint walking street, flocked with small shops, bakeries, chic cafes and charming restaurants – definitely a go-to place for a Sunday brunch next to a 16th century church in the middle of the square. Fancy a little shopping? Visit the Bogaard shopping centre. Something more authentic? Drop by the Bread Factory (De Broodfabriek), which hosts not only flea markets and fairs, but also workshops, seminars and events. Culture wise, explore The Rijswijk Museum, which organizes truly captivating exhibitions, ranging from old photography to contemporary experiments; or visit one of the three theatres in the area, one of which (Laaktheater) also specializes in community activities. In addition, a guaranteed entertainment for the little ones waits at the Drievliet amusement park. Finally, to the south you’ll find a finely laid 18-hole A status golf club offering an exciting (wet) challenge to those practising the sport.

After a day at work, or really any time whatsoever, there are several parks in the area just waiting to be strolled around, each more beautiful than the previous. Rijswijkse Bos hides a serene lake surrounded with drooping willows; Von Fisenne Park, and the city farm within, is great for an afternoon with kids; Overvoorde, a quiet, peaceful, and well looked after park great for mindful walking; and Wilhelminapark, currently being renovated to become the go-to choice for sports, games, picnics and other outings.

Working & Education in Rijswijk

Where would you be working to find yourself contemplating establishing in Rijswijk? Some of the international organisations in the neighbourhood include the European Patent Office, Wintershall, Petrogas, Emerson and Chetu. For your children education, you have a choice between international schools and universities in The Hague and Delft, some of which are just minutes away using public transport.

Health care

If you find yourself sick or injured, there’s no need to go to The Hague, as the area has several hospitals, like the Kruispunt Health Centre and Haagweg Medical Centre. For general wellbeing, consider signing up for one of many gyms and sports clubs around.

Public transport

Your commute is catered to by trains, trams and buses. Trams, buses and trains go through The Hague, Delft, Leidschendam-Voorburg. Regional busses and trains pass Rotterdam; train station is just 5 minutes away from downtown.