Don’t fall under illusion that being away from the city of The Hague will leave you with little to do. Quite on the contrary, life in Wassenaar offers what The Hague cannot, and more than 25000 residents know this. It is an upscale suburban city surrounded by the verdant Meijendel reserve on one side and rural polders from the other - truly one of the most in touch with nature municipalities in the region.

Living in Wassenaar

Unsurprisingly, a lot of leisure options in town turn a notch down on the buzz. Take, for example, Voorlinden museum - surrounded by forests and dunes it usually hosts contemporary exhibitions. If you get a chance, definitely visit Clingenbosch sculpture garden, which consistently receives excellent reviews, but requires registration and holds tours only once a week. Catering to affluent tastes, Wassenaar is abundant with trendy, hip and eminently classy cafes and restaurants, offering everything from an artisan breakfast to a delicately arranged star-worthy dinner. Adhering to trusted notions pertaining to a prosperous town, Wassenaar offers several golf clubs conveniently spread through the town. Finally, an exciting location and a rebel to the casual atmosphere, Duinrell Holiday Park prompts to unwind by throwing at you more than 40 amusement park attractions, water park Tiki pool and camping grounds.

To reconnect with your inner self, take some time to spend in nature, which is so easily accessible here. Walk or cycle a 7 or 12 kilometre route by the tranquil shore, crossing the Meijendel reserve. Watch animals like highlands cattle and wild horses (konikpaard) graze freely at Lentevreugd grassland. Finally, hop on a bike and take a tour to the south of the town, to the park in Molenplein, which has an actually functioning mill (you can buy their freshly ground flour too!).

Working and education in Wassenaar

There are currently no international organisations functioning in the neighbourhood, so if that’s what you seek, you’ll likely need to commute to The Hague or other surrounding cities. Nonetheless, your children won’t have to travel far for their education, as Wassenaar upholds an excellent schooling level with Rijnlands Lyceum and American School of The Hague (although the name suggests otherwise, it is very much in Wassenaar).

Health care

If you find yourself in urgent need of medical care, HMC Health Center Wassenaar is within walking distance from the city centre. A handful of gyms and sports clubs will keep you fit, if all the cycling in the dunes isn’t your thing.

Public transport

Wassenaar is rather small and connected with surrounding cities by three bus lines, 43, 44 and 444. To travel the region you’ll have to take one of these and later transfer to train, bus or tram.