International student offices

The Hague is home to around 30,000 students who are an important part of the local society and economy. The region’s universities and educational institutes welcome students from all around the world and make a special effort to support their international undergraduates and graduates. Find out more about the help and advice available from international student offices. 

International Student Registration

Every university will offer support to international students who want to register for a course of study. Information on the application and admission requirements for Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes can be found on the website of the university you’re interested in. Student offices can also help with information about transferring to other educational institutions either in the Netherlands or abroad to continue your studies. 

Practical Advice

Student offices can advise you on tuition fees and other financial matters such as requesting proof of payment and paying your fees with a debit card. They’ll help out with completing forms like the student travel pass form and getting a student card that entitles you to a discount on certain activities. A student office will also be able to help if you need to have your diploma checked or verified for use abroad. 

Support for International Students

As well as dealing with academic demands, studying in a foreign country brings its own particular challenges. University offices can help their international students with immigration and registration formalities as well as practical matters such as arranging accommodation. The well-being of international students is a priority. If you’re facing problems and need someone to talk with then don’t hesitate to contact your university’s student office. Their experienced staff will help you to feel at home.


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