Work after your studies

Work after your studies

As graduation approaches, it’s time to get serious about launching your career and finding work after studying. The Hague region, and the Netherlands, are keen to encourage international talent to remain after their studies and there are measures in place to make this possible. Read on for information about job support and career services, post-graduation opportunities and the orientation year permit. 

Finding a Job

Check out our tips for finding a job in The Hague region, and access an overview of recruitment agencies and online job boards. Some recruitment agencies are specialised in multilingual jobs and most employment vacancy websites have English-language or non-Dutch speaking job sections. Another great place to start your job search is the NL Alumni website. The alumni network can connect you with career services at your university or other universities in the Netherlands and has practical information about career opportunities, Dutch business culture and salaries. The network also hosts member communities formed around country locations or fields of interest. 

Career Opportunities in The Hague Region

As a leading global knowledge economy, the Netherlands has plenty of jobs to offer to internationals. English is the main working language at many international organisations, companies, NGOs, startups and knowledge institutes. French and German are also in demand at international organisations and multinationals. The main international knowledge clusters in The Hague region are peace & justice, IT and tech, energy and renewables, security and finance and legal. And if you do not find your dream job here, you can easily and quickly commute to Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam or Leiden. Find out more about working in The Hague region

Orientation Year Permit

The Netherlands has a special residence permit for recent graduates and scientific researchers who want to explore the possibility of living and working in the country after finishing their studies. The orientation year (zoekjaar, literally: search year) permit allows recent graduates to stay in the Netherlands for up to one year while they look for work. It is intended for:

  • non-EU/EEA students studying in the Netherlands;
  • non-EU/EEA students who graduated from a top university outside the Netherlands;
  • non-EU/EEA scientific researchers who have carried out research in the Netherlands.

Find out more about who is eligible and how to apply in our Orientation Year Permit FAQ. 

Prepare for work after your studies and find out more about Dutch work culture. And if you’ll be leaving student accommodation and are looking for a new place to live, check out our guide to finding housing and neighbourhoods in The Hague