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Find an internship

An internship is a great opportunity to gain practical experience and discover what kind of organisation and work are a good fit for you personally. Internships are an integral part of some study programmes, particularly for vocational training. Many graduates and young professionals are eager to see if a certain job truly suits them and an internship can offer valuable insights. Companies and organisations in the Netherlands are keen to connect with fresh talent and employ trainees and interns on a regular basis. 

Internships in The Hague Region

Finding an internship shouldn’t be too difficult in a city like The Hague but it is important to start looking early. The city houses many different kinds of NGOs and (governmental) organisations as well as embassies, multinationals and other international organisations. Most internships will last three to six months. The fastest and easiest way to find an internship vacancy is via an internet search engine. If you are interested in a particular organisation you should check their website regularly and approach them directly. Always be sure to check the closing date for applications, for some big institutions it can be more than six months before an internship. You can also seek help and advice from your study programme. 

Traineeships in The Netherlands 

A traineeship is usually undertaken by someone who has just graduated or will be graduating within the next six months. Essentially it means you are being paid a modest salary while you continue to learn. It is usually a full-time trajectory taking one to two years and giving you the opportunity to work in various departments within a company. The intention is that you will be offered a permanent position within the company when you have completed the traineeship. There are multiple types of traineeships for graduates to choose from. Popular sectors in the Netherlands are management, marketing, finance and tech. You may need to apply for a special permit if you wish to follow a traineeship in the Netherlands when you finish your studies. 


Note that you might need to take out Dutch health insurance before starting a paid internship or traineeship. Be sure to check with the HR department of the company you will be joining.  

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