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One of the most thriving industries in The Hague is the finance sector. The region is an international hub for innovation and offers many places to work: from traditional finance companies to sustainable investors, patent law organisations, or startups in financial technology. Find out more about the many careers available in finance in the Hague.

Finance in The Hague 

Over 14,000 people in The Hague region work in one of many financial companies and institutions. In particular, the area is known for insurance, asset management, and pension expertise. But the Netherlands and The Hague are also business hubs in general, and ongoing investments and funding are vital for innovation and business growth.

Accordingly, The Hague has an established financial industry with major multinationals headquartered in the city, such as Nationale-Nederlanden, Aegon, MN Services, NIBC, and FMO. They work together with key financial institutions based in the region, providing a solid foundation for the area's healthy business climate.

FinTech and Innovation

Research and innovation in the area are also helping provide technological tools for the finance industry. Local universities including The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Leiden University, and the Technical University of Delft provide research insights that continue to boost the region's financial expertise. They also ensure that local talent is constantly emerging in the fields of finance, tech, and governance – in a highly international region that attracts talent from around the world.

These innovations support financial services with growing technologies such as blockchain. And they foster a healthy community of over 40 FinTech start-ups in the area. In particular, this sector is represented by YES!Delft, a start-up incubator with investment from the municipality.

Finance and Legal

As the International City of Peace and Justice, The Hague is also a leader in (international) law and security, which both have close ties to the financial sector. FinTech innovations often overlap with tech solutions for security and justice concerns at the ICT & Security Campus. 

Similar overlaps can be seen in organisations such as P.R.I.M.E. Finance, at the Peace Palace, which provides aid in disputes over complex financial transactions. Meanwhile, at the European Patent Office (EPO) in Rijswijk, more than 2,500 people work towards patenting the newest technologies and innovations for more than 35 European countries.

Sustainability and Impact Investments

With rising concerns about the environment and sustainable development, sustainability and impact investments are growing fields in the Netherlands and The Hague. More and more often, banks seek investments that match the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), to address challenges related to poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, and peace and justice. 

The Hague is the capital of this impact economy – the city’s motto is ‘doing good and doing business’. Here, insurance companies, pension providers, and other financial institutions work closely together to solve such issues. For example, the region is home to the Entrepreneurial Development Bank FMO, where the government and private entities collaborate to invest in start-up companies operating in fields such as sustainable energy and food production. Similarly, ImpactCity is a community for start-ups and scale-ups in The Hague, helping innovative entrepreneurs with positive impact projects.


Find out more about startups, as well as the related security, energy and renewables, and IT and tech sectors in the region. Otherwise, consider reading up about finding work in general in the Hague.