Security The Hague region



Major international developments and breakthroughs in security originate in The Hague region. That is because major players within this sector have made The Hague their home. International organisations such as the NATO Communications and Information (NCI) Agency (a key pillar of the NATO Secretary General’s Smart Defence and Connected Forces initiatives) and Europol, the European Union’s law enforcement agency, are located in this city. And The Hague houses the largest security cluster in Europe: The Hague Security Delta (HSD).

The Hague Security Delta

In some 400 different organisations, more than 15,000 people work together in The Hague Security Delta to increase security around the globe, with a particular focus on cyber security. Within this network, an array of businesses, knowledge institutes and government agencies work together on innovation and knowledge development. The Hague Security Delta includes leading names such as KPN, Fox-IT, Siemens, Thales, Capgemini, the Dutch Forensics Institute, TNO, the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research and Delft University of Technology.

The Hague Security Delta offers fantastic career opportunities for talented professionals, from academics with a Master’s degree in Cyber Security from Leiden University’s The Hague campus to self-educated whiz kids. Within The Hague Security Delta, there is a need for both generalists with great strategic insight and top-level IT specialists.