International students registration procedure The Hague region

Registration for international students


Depending on the duration of your stay and your nationality, you will need a short stay visa or a residence permit. For stays of up to 90 days, this visa is called a ‘short stay visa’. For stays longer than 90 days, this is called an entry visa (MVV) and is always followed by a residence permit (VVR). However, if you come from an EU/EEA country or Switzerland, other rules apply. All international students who will be staying in The Hague for longer than 4 months are required to register with the municipality in the BRP.

Staying here for less than 90 days?

Every non-Dutch citizen (including citizens of the Schengen area) arriving in the Netherlands for work or study is required to register their presence in the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP). Upon your registration with the municipality, you will receive a citizen service number (BSN). If you will be staying for less than 4 months, there is a special procedure for your registration: the ‘registration as a non-inhabitant’ (RNI). Read more on our section on the registration procedure for a short stay.

Staying here for more than 90 days?

You will need to apply for a residence permit.

The municipality organises centralised registration days together with a number of schools of higher education. During the centralised registration days, international students can get registered in the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP) at their school of higher education. Which schools are participating and what are the conditions?

Conditions for a residence permit

There are certain conditions that apply to everyone. In addition, you and your educational institution have to meet specific conditions (these procedure and conditions also apply to exchange students).

How to file for a residence permit

Step 1: Check if you need a provisional residence permit.

If you want to travel to The Hague region, you may need a provisional residence permit (MVV). This visa lets you stay in the Netherlands for more than 90 days.

You will not need a MVV if you are a citizen of certain countries. See the exemptions for a MVV at the IND website.

Step 2. File for a residence permit.

If you don’t need a MVV: You can travel to The Hague region and will have to apply within 3 months for a residence permit. Your recognised educational institution will submit an application for your residence permit to the IND, sending the application form and all required documentation. You will have to pay it through your educational institute.

To provide biometrical information and to collect your residence permit, you need to make an online appointment with the IND.

If you need a MVV: Your educational institution will file for your MVV and residence permit at the same time. After the application has been received, the IND sends a letter stating how the fees are to be paid. You will have to pay it through your educational institute.

You collect the MVV from the Dutch representation that your research institution filled in on the application form. You can provide biometrical information at the Dutch representation abroad. To collect your residence permit, you need to make an online appointment with the IND.

Step 3. Register with the municipality

The Hague

To register with the Municipality of The Hague, there are 2 options: the centralized registration days and the regular registration procedure (for citizens of EU/EEA countries and for citizens from non-EU/EEA countries).


To register with the Municipality of Delft, you must visit the Delft Registration Office (the municipality) in person within 5 days of arrival. Read more about registration at the Municipality of Delft at the municipality's website.

Step 4: Tuberculosis test

New residents to the Netherlands have to be tested for tuberculosis. There are, however, exemptions that do not have to undergo this test. If you have not yet submitted your TB test results before arriving in the Netherlands, please get tested within 3 months.

Please note: if you have any questions about your application for a residence permit, please contact the IND as they are responsible for assessing all residence applications of people who wish to live in the Netherlands.