Student registration

Registration for Students

All students that will be staying in The Hague region for 4 months or longer will need to complete municipal (BRP) registration. You need to register with the municipality to receive a citizen service number (BSN). A BSN is required to work, take out health insurance, open a bank account, as well as getting a Dutch mobile phone number, accessing housing benefits; and much more.

Staying here for less than 90 days?

If you will be staying for less than 4 months, there is a special procedure for your registration: the ‘registration as a non-inhabitant’ (RNI). Read more on our section on the registration procedure for a short stay.

Residence permits

All students that do not have an EU nationality will need to arrange a residence permit before starting their studies in the Netherlands. In some cases, you will only be able to travel to the Netherlands once your permit has been approved. Your new university will act as the ‘sponsor’ for your permit, and there are also dedicated days for students to pick up their new permit cards.

Eligibility for student registration

  • Students enrolled in a higher education institute, such as a university, or university of applied sciences.
  • Students who will be living in The Hague.
  • Students who will be living in the Netherlands for 4 months or longer.


If you are living in another municipality you need to register there. Find out more about how to do this for the following municipailities:


Required documents:

  • Valid identification (passport or, if you are an EU citizen, your national identity card)
  • Hard copy (printed) proof of occupancy: rental/tenancy agreement, home purchase deed or a signed statement by the main occupant of the house. Please use the statement on the website. Please bring a hard copy of the ID of the main occupant of the house and a hard copy of the rental/tenancy agreement or purchase deed of the house
  • Residence permit or letter of approval from the IND (if applicable)



City Hall, Spui 70, 2511 BT The Hague. First floor in City Hall right above the general Reception. You can follow the student banners in City Hall.

Privacy statement

In order to make an appointment, your personal data will be processed and recorded in the registration system of The Hague International Centre, part of the Municipality of The Hague. Your data will not be transferred to third parties. The Municipality of The Hague processes and protects your personal data as described in the Data Protection Declaration.

If you have any questions about your registration, please contact us at


Please proceed if you fulfil the above criteria >> Make an appointment for registration as a student