energy and renewables

Energy and renewables


The Hague region has a large track record in the Energy and especially Oil and Gas cluster. This stems not only from the proximity of the Port of Rotterdam and its petrochemical industry. With over 9,000 people working in this cluster, The Hague’s Energy sector is characterised by the large presence of local and global companies, research institutes, educational institutes, engineering firms, small and medium enterprises and suppliers. The Hague is home to businesses that work with oil and gas such as Royal Dutch Shell, Aramco Overseas, Total, McDermott, Fugro, Wintershall and Jacobs.

These businesses have chosen to be in the proximity of the national government, which enhances the city’s favourable environment for this sector. These government institutes play a major role in licensing for the Dutch North Sea Shelf and set the policies which encourage and support the development of new energy sources and technologies.

Renewable energy

The Hague has set a goal for itself to become CO2-neutral city by 2040. Traditional players, start-ups and science partners are already setting the first steps towards achieving this goal by teaming up to be in the forefront of renewable and sustainable energy. For example, companies in the horticultural cluster have made impressive progress over the years decreasing their energy consumption. Other next-generation energy sources such as wind and solar power are being developed and tested by young enterprises at the tech incubator Yes!Delft in cooperation with companies out of the regional cluster. The Hague will play an important part in the energy transition in the coming decades.