Dual career in the Netherlands The Hague region

Dual career


If you have a family, you will have thought long and hard about relocating to the Netherlands. Especially if it means that you partner would have to give up their job. The Permits Foundation discovered that as many as 60% of the global workforce would not relocate to a country where their partner would not be able to find any work. The days of the ‘trailing spouse’ or ‘accompanying partner’ seem to be behind us. While some partners may take advantage of the situation and take a break from their career to return to their studies or focus on family, other can find many new career opportunities in The Hague or other nearby Dutch cities.

A great place for your partner

Settling into the region is often easy because almost everybody speaks English. The job prospects are getting more and more favourable to internationals. Due to the high amount of international companies and organisations in The Hague region, your partner will find a job market that is completely ready for a non-Dutch speaking person. If the international oriented clusters of The Hague are not enough, different opportunities are available in nearby Amsterdam, Leiden, Rotterdam or Utrecht.

If your partner decides to want to make a career switch, they will also have a wealth of degrees to choose from. The many English-language studies in The Hague region allow for a smooth transition so your partner can prepare for the job they want.

Managing family life with dual careers

If you are focused on finding the right environment for your children, The Hague region is the perfect choice for your family. The many international schools and dual-language schools are highly acclaimed; while you are at work, you can be sure that your child is getting the best possible education. Due to the large number of international families, you will also find many English day-care centres ready to look after your youngest children.