Many graduates, young professionals or people looking to make a career switch are eager to see if a certain job truly suits them. Others enter an internship because this will offer them some valuable insights. That is why many companies and organisations in the Netherlands employ trainees and interns on a regular base. The opportunity to connect with fresh talent, and get some work done, is an appealing combination for all involved. Beyond that, the temporary work arrangement allows both parties to see if they are a good match and have a future together.

Finding an internship

An internship is often primarily for students in vocational training who want to improve their learned skills. Most internships will last three to 6 months. Sometimes a student will do 2 internships during their studies. Most international organisations and companies will post their internship and traineeship vacancies on their websites.

Finding a traineeship

A traineeship is a more coveted position, especially because it often comes with a modest salary. Expectations are also higher than one would have at an internship.

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