Working after your studies The Hague region

Working after your studies


Support when looking for a job

Are you almost done with your studies and are you looking for a job? Sometimes it can be a very difficult process. Fortunately, Holland Alumni will help you connect with career services at your university or other universities across the Netherlands. This can be particularly convenient if you are looking to stay in the Netherlands once you graduate.

Orientation year permit for highly educated persons

If you are looking for a job or want to start your own business in the Netherlands after completing your studies, you can make use of the orientation year permit for highly educated persons.

The orientation year permit for highly educated persons is intended for:

  • non-EU/EEA students studying in the Netherlands;
  • non-EU/EEA students who graduated from a top university outside the Netherlands;
  • non-EU/EEA scientific researchers who have carried out research in the Netherlands.

The residence permit can be submitted within 3 years after completing your studies or after obtaining the PhD. It states that the holder of the permit is allowed to work in the Netherlands free from any restrictions, without need of a work permit. Graduates can first return to their country of origin after having completed their studies, and to then come back again to the Netherlands.

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